We offer our clients honey and derivatives and a wide range of materials and equipment for beekeeping from the best German brands.
Food industry
Mediterranea Mellis S.L. offers a wide offer for the food industry based on experience in the sector, effective and customized service, the quality of our honey, competitive prices and a guaranteed stock throughout the year.
Beeswax Factory
In our factory we process 100% pure Spanish  beeswax both in blocks and sheet foundations in three formats such as Langstroth, Layen and Dadant, in addition to special sizes.
Food service
Mediterranea Mellis has special formats for both honey and honeycomb designed exclusively for the hotel and catering sector in order to meet the needs of this customer profile.
Costumers brand
In Mediterranea Mellis we offer the possibility of packaging with the customers own brand. Flexibility is one of our hallmarks of identity that allows us to adapt to the requested formats either to develop a new brand or to package with the clients brand.
Our brands
With the desire to develop a complete offer and as experts Honey connoisseurs, Mediterranea Mellis offers two brands of different packaging that meets the demands of more selected customers: Gourmet Mellis and Mellis.


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