Who We Are

Mediterranea Mellis S.L. is the legacy of 50 years of tradition in Api Ribes.

We offer our clients honey and derivatives, and a wide range of materials and equipment for beekeeping from the best German and Danish brands.

Our commitment to quality, as our wide experience in the field, enables us to offer a tailored product to the needs of each client.



Honey and derivative products

We work to provide the client with the best answer to his needs, adapting to the changing market, and continuously improving our products to the highest quality standards.

We have a plant for processing honey (homogenization, filtering, pasteurization, and deaerated) and also for packing honey.

Mediterranea Mellis has a HACCP system to cover all critical points of the process, from the reception of the honey to the shipping of the same honey, are controlled.


Wax and Wax services

Tradition and quality are our guarantee. Any professional beekeeper knows us, and knows that this means Ribes Wax.


Beekeeping equipment and machinery

We have a qualified staff to give good advice and after-sales service, and individual attention to each of our customers, this allows us to offer solutions designed to suit each case.

We are exclusive distributors in Spain for the companies Wet, Fritz y Swienty.